Somoto LTD

Founded in 2009 by leading industry entrepreneurs Eyal Yaakov and Ben Garrun, Somoto provides freeware and shareware developers with strategies to improve their software functionality, revenues, and distribution. Somoto makes it our mission to provide these hard working developers with straightforward and effective methods to enhance and monetize their work through multiple innovative tools. By joining the Somoto community, advertisers are able to reach millions of relevant users worldwide.

The Somoto Company has offices located in Houston, TX and Tel Aviv, Israel.  Somoto products enable software developers to increase monetization of their own software as well as provide them with additional benefits. Learn more about Somoto’s products, including the BetterInstaller solution and the Somoto Toolbar platform.

The Somoto company has gained success in the industry with over 30 million active users and hundreds of loyal partners. With an excellent customer relations department, Somoto provides individual partner management as well as informative guides and video tutorials to their customers.

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